23-26 Jul 2023
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Food Science & Technology

Food and Nutrition Innovation for Engaging Products

Article provided by Azelis  Food and Nutrition, build a product story to engage with your audience. The food and beverage industry is evolving, driven by changing consumer behaviors, unpredictable environmental factors, and socio-economical changes. As globalization softly blurs inter-country borders, we see merging trends and standardization of consumers’ expectations. Manufacturers are facing new macro standards […]

The Open IIoT Group Exhibits Demo Unit at Foodpro 2021

Started up in 2018, the Open IIoT cohort was formed to promote and assist with the adoption of Industry 4.0 among manufacturers. “As component suppliers with a global presence we have a wealth of knowledge and examples in various countries, industries and applications. The adoption of Industry 4.0 was well established in Europe (where most […]

In conversation with Brett Wiskar | The Future of Food Technology

Tell us about your role at Wiley? Brett: “I’ve been with Wiley for more than five and a half years, which was my first point of entry into the food industry. Wiley, however, has a long history in the food industry, with facility design and engineering of processes and systems, and delivering commercial outcomes for […]

Combat food fraud: Meet Misa

What’s on your plate? Food fraud is an ever-present danger around the world. Despite increased regulations, huge scandals still occur regularly, such as deliberately tainted infant formula (2008), or the horse meat affair in the UK due to improper labelling (2013). Other more common examples include the adulteration of highly valued items with lower cost […]

2021 AIFST Convention: Food Science – delivering in a changing world

Largely through the effects of the global pandemic, the last 12 months has seen tremendous changes in our way of life, way of working and way of thinking. This year’s Convention picks up on this theme, with a focus on some of the challenges and opportunities presented to food science and the food industry in […]

Biological Testing for Better Food Safety

We all know that cleaning and disinfection of food premises is paramount to the provision of food safety. It’s absolutely essential for any food handler to have good personal hygiene to minimise the risk of food contamination. As cleaning is a compulsory part of any food safety program it is required to have a documented […]

Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring System

You know pathogens are out there. But do you know where? The reputation of a food manufacturer rides on the safety of its products. When food is of a high quality… when consumers are safe…when product recalls are absent…life is good.

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