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Clean, sweet and natural: Monk fruit’s modern appeal

Apr 1, 2020 Ingredients

Originally used by monks in the 13th century, monk fruit has come a long way from its humble origins as a small green gourd growing in the Guilin mountains of China. Dried whole, the fruit was traditionally used as a sweetener and in traditional Chinese medicine, but for centuries was considered notoriously difficult to cultivate. […]

Behind the Scenes with Australia’s Top Importer of Innovative Vegan Ingredients

Mar 31, 2020 Ingredients

Smit Zaveri has been a vegetarian since childhood. A few years ago, he decided he wanted to eliminate animal products from his diet entirely.  “When I tried to look for vegan ingredients and supplements in Australia, I wasn’t finding a lot of options, and those that were available were very expensive,” he says. At the […]

Specialty Ingredients Targeted to Food Trends

Jul 10, 2017 Ingredients

Hawkins Watts represent many of the world’s leading food ingredient companies with a broad product portfolio of specialty ingredients. Their team of product developers include multi-disciplined expertise, that are deep and broad, including food application technologists, chefs, regulatory experts, process- and commercialisation specialists.  Hawkins Watts partner with their customers throughout the development process, providing the […]

Low Sodium Alternative to Sodium Bicarbonate

Jul 5, 2017 Ingredients

Australian manufacturers looking to reduce the sodium content of their baked goods now have an alternative to Sodium Bicarbonate. KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate can achieve up to a 50% reduction in sodium content without changing the appearance, taste or quality of products. Developed specifically for the bakery industry, KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate can be used as an […]

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