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Award-winning sustainable packaging suppliers to showcase innovations at foodpro 2023

Apr 4, 2023 Packaging

Sustainability took centre stage at this year’s PIDA with the Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year award split into the following categories:   Recycled Content  Labelling   Mono Material Advancements   Renewable Materials   Compostables   This year, foodpro is partnering with the AIP to bring education on responsible practices when it comes to food packaging, and we are thrilled […]

Sustainable, Plastic Free Labelling | Wedderburn Compostable Labels

Jun 16, 2021 Packaging

Wedderburn searched the globe for a sustainable, plastic free labelling solution to offer customers who need labels but are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Four years ago, we partnered with sustainable material company Bio4Life to introduce the Wedderburn plastic free, Compostable Label range. They have been helping businesses around the world transition […]

Elmwood Unleashes the Wonder of Oats for Carman’s

Jun 11, 2020 Packaging

To help Carman’s crack the healthy snack market for kids, creative agency Elmwood unleashed the power of imagination, and aussie oats. For over 6 years, Elmwood has been the strategic brand partner for Carman’s, a proudly Australian-owned business that has grown to become a household name. While Carman’s muesli and snack ranges enjoy strong brand […]

Resealable Fresh Lid that Reseals over 20 times

Jul 7, 2017 Packaging

Fresh Lid is a new innovation in resealable packaging designed to keep product fresh and ready to use. This unique structure has two laminated layers with a printed design applied to the container base, which enables a reclosable use. Fresh Lid is available in various shapes & sizes and is suitable for vegetables, nuts, sweets, […]

M360 High-Speed Linerless Labeler

Jul 7, 2017 Packaging

Marel’s new M360 high-speed labeler employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling. Fully automatic, it offers premium presence on the retail shelf with full wraparound labels, as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels. The increased surface print area of the labels gives you plenty of space to communicate essential product information […]

X33 X-Ray Inspection System

Jun 24, 2017 Packaging

Developed as a result of a collaboration between Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray and its customers, the X33 technology is part of the X-Series of x-ray inspection systems. To enable food manufacturers with limited factory floor space to comply with food safety standards and reduce energy consumption, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray has designed the X33 Series, which is […]

Linerless Self-Adhesive Labelling System

Apr 5, 2017 Packaging

Le Mac are suppliers of the linerless labelling system that is self-adhesive for trays of meats, ready meals, salads etc. Linerless labels are an environmentally-friendly innovation: they do not use backing liner like traditional labels, which cannot be recycled and does not decompose in landfill. The system itself is fully automatic and delivers significant efficiency […]

G-3 High-Speed Labeller

Apr 4, 2017 Packaging

JBT announced a strategic partnership with Laser Food in November 2014, giving them exclusive rights on a global scale to sell their laser labeling technology. The partnership propels JBT to the forefront of a new and exciting field in food labelling. The G-3 high-speed labeller leads the way in JBT’s labeling product line. Designed for […]

HM Systems Linerfree Labeller

Apr 3, 2017 Packaging

Linerfree is a unique print and apply labelling system that eliminates the waste associated with traditional die cut type print and apply labelling. The labels are a continuous roll which is printed and then cut to length by the labeller. This means waste is eliminated, label sizes can be varied from product to product and […]

GLM-Ievo Labelling System

Apr 2, 2017 Packaging

The GLM-Ievo, the high-performance labelling system for the food industry, makes your future objectives achievable today.

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