Digital solutions for an improved CPG industry

Mar 30, 2023

With increased demand in the CPG industry, new technology is vital for operations to remain sustainable and profitable. Schneider Electric has the solutions.

Consumers are demanding more, and for those working in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry, these demands are changing the way products are brought to market and bringing about several challenges as a result.

Shorter product lifecycles, with an increase in small batch manufacturing, require increased agility and flexibility in the operations of the CPG sector. For business owners and manufacturers, this needs to be balanced with ongoing sustainability, as well as health and safety, workforce empowerment and profitability. Luckily, digital solutions can assist companies in dealing with these challenges.

ProLeiT Plant iT for greater customisation

Schneider Electric’s industry-specific software solution, ProLeiT, can make your production processes more sustainable and resilient. Extensive industry knowledge and process know-how, including reference architectures, has been embedded in the software to help improve performance and reduce design cost and risk.

Utilising cyber secure Modicon M580 ePACs (Ethernet programmable automation controllers), production flow can be synchronised through an entire plant, and ProLeiT enables integration between business and production systems that is simpler and more efficient. What’s more, this approach provides more agility, with production operations aligned to market demand – in real-time. Plant performance can also be optimised by routing more production to unused or underused assets.

In today’s world, change and mass customisation are the norm. To survive and thrive, CPG companies need to respond to the market. It can be daunting, but with the right technology partner, it’s also an opportunity.


To find out more about enabling CPG industry growth without compromising profit, people, or the planet, download Schneider Electric White Paper.

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