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Specialty Ingredients Targeted to Food Trends

Jul 10, 2017 Ingredients

Hawkins Watts represent many of the world’s leading food ingredient companies with a broad product portfolio of specialty ingredients. Their team of product developers include multi-disciplined expertise, that are deep and broad, including food application technologists, chefs, regulatory experts, process- and commercialisation specialists.  Hawkins Watts partner with their customers throughout the development process, providing the […]

Mainca PR-360 Twist Linker

The Mainca PR-360 twist linker connects to a hydraulic sausage filler, portioning and twisting the casing to create sausages automatically. All that is required by the operator is basic knowledge of the machine’s functions (controlled by a touchscreen panel) and to hold the sausage while the machine ‘links’ by twisting the casing. The PR-360 is […]

M360 High-Speed Linerless Labeler

Jul 7, 2017 Packaging

Marel’s new M360 high-speed labeler employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling. Fully automatic, it offers premium presence on the retail shelf with full wraparound labels, as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels. The increased surface print area of the labels gives you plenty of space to communicate essential product information […]

Food Navigator Asia Editor-in-Chief’s Guide to foodpro 2017

Jul 6, 2017 foodpro News

Gary Scattergood, Editor-in-Chief of Food Navigator Asia, has picked out six top trends on display at foodpro this year, to help you plan your visit. Smaller Players Entering The food processing and manufacturing industry currently has many newer, smaller players entering, bringing with them new ideas and innovation. However, these small businesses often find it […]

Xtreme Metal Detector

The art of metal detection strikes a balance between absolute detection of all metal contaminants and elimination of false signals that slow down production. Eriez’ new Xtreme Metal Detector pushes that detection/ productivity curve with the ability to detect 0.2mm spheres. This feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to […]

The Real Cost of Wastewater Disposal

Jul 5, 2017 Plant Equipment

As food and beverage businesses seek to remain competitive they modernise their production lines, increasing output and squeezing out every last bit of product.  However, often there is little consideration for the outdated wastewater treatment plant that is the real money pit on site. And it is not hard to see why investment at ‘the […]

Low Sodium Alternative to Sodium Bicarbonate

Jul 5, 2017 Ingredients

Australian manufacturers looking to reduce the sodium content of their baked goods now have an alternative to Sodium Bicarbonate. KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate can achieve up to a 50% reduction in sodium content without changing the appearance, taste or quality of products. Developed specifically for the bakery industry, KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate can be used as an […]

Lube-Free Chain for Food Production Environments

Jul 4, 2017 Plant Equipment

Since 1988, Tsubaki’s ‘Lambda’ lube-free chain design has been adopted by many different industries for a diverse range of applications. Designed with a special oil-impregnated bush, the chain is internally lubricated meaning it benefits from an extremely long operating life without requiring additional maintenance or messy external lubrication. To further benefit hygiene critical applications, the […]

Digital Sorters for Australian Food Processors

Key Technology introduces its VERYX® family of digital sorters to the Australian food processing industry with the VERYX C140 on exhibit at foodpro 2017. Featuring an innovative system architecture and advanced inspection technology, VERYX sorters maximize the detection and removal of foreign material (FM) and product defects based on objects’ color, size, shape and/or structural […]

New Compact Clog-Free Waste Separator

Jun 30, 2017 Plant Equipment

A clog-free automatic liquid-to-solid waste separator is being introduced to Australasia by CST Wastewater Solutions for compact dewatering applications ranging from food processing, food waste, grease trap and waste oil through to municipal wastewater sludge, livestock manure and agribusiness processes. The compact KDS multi-disc roller separator features a unique self-cleaning dewatering and conveying system with […]

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