Beverage Industry

Whether it’s the need to innovate to meet consumers demands for healthier products, the threat of a soft drink tax, the importance of an environmentally friendly water source or sustainable packaging solutions, the beverage industry is under constant pressure to remain relevant to consumers while operating efficiently and profitably.

The Challenges

Australia’s beverage industry is a strong contributor to the economy, both directly and indirectly (via employment across primary industries, manufacturing, transport and retail). The industry landscape has changed markedly across the board in manufacturer type, distribution and product range — particularly over the past few decades. Today, key challenges for the industry include:

  • Changing consumer demands: sugar avoidance due to health awareness has pushed consumers away from high-sugar drinks, while consumers following “clean eating” guidelines want no (or worst case, fewer) additives, more healthful ingredients and more organic products.
  • Counterfeiting: in-demand, high-end Australian wines are particularly a target for counterfeit products in Asian export destinations.
  • Weather: drought, frost, flooding and extreme temperatures affect crop yield and quality for wine
  • International supplies: high wine supplies internationally have kept Australian export prices low for a decade, while domestic wines have also had to compete with low-cost imported wine
  • Reduced beer consumption: overall beer consumption has dropped, and within that consumers have moved away from standard beers produced by large corporates, favouring craft and imported beers
  • Labelling: ensuring on-shelf standout, being aware of country-of-origin changes and often-changing export-labelling requirements
  • Product-development lag: launching new products quickly that match consumer trends can be a problem with time lags in R&D, testing, then marketing to retail

Beverage Sector Growth

Australia’s beverage sector is currently growing by 2.2% – the second-strongest growth in a manufacturing sub-division. While this is mostly driven by wine production, opportunities exist in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage sectors for processors. Australia and New Zealand are also the biggest consumers of fruit juice globally, again offering opportunities.

Beverages with low-sugar content, healthful and organic ingredients, those fortified with nutrients for health-conscious consumers and those in convenient packaging for time-poor consumers are just a few of the numerous breaks. Added to this, smaller processors have an advantage in being nimble with quicker product-innovation cycles to match consumer trends.

What’s at foodpro to help your business?

foodpro offers beverage manufacturers all the latest in on-trend ingredients for product development. Also on show to keep your beverage business bubbling are:

  • Filtration and separation equipment
  • Anti-counterfeit measures
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Materials handling and conveyor systems
  • Sealing and packaging machinery
  • Coding and labelling solutions
  • Inspection and detection systems
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Plant equipment, design and construction
  • Pumps
  • Education and association representatives

See what other solutions will be showcased by exhibitors.


Supply chain security is important in the beverage industry. In response to this growing demand for knowledge, a series of Supply Chain Integrity Seminars will be held exploring the future of food manufacturing, what’s next in retail supply chain technology, future personalised nutrition, the sustainable value chain of the future and more. Find out more.

foodpro will also host a series of free education sessions on other topical industry issues such as best practices, traceability and sustainability, including case studies and demonstrations. View the full timetable.

Co-Locating Conference

Stay up to date with the very latest insights into food & beverage science and technology by attending the co-located 50th AIFST Annual Convention. This year’s theme is all about what the future holds.

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