Meat Industry

Overcome industry challenges and remain competitive by keeping up-to-date with what's new in the market - from meat processing technology to packing technology and product testing equipment. foodpro will provide you with the latest information on market and industry trends.

The challenges

Australia’s excellent food-safety, quality and biosecurity standards have helped position our meat industry favourably — particularly in higher-value markets globally. Australia’s “clean and green” image due to strict quality and food safety standards mean our meat products are highly sought after in many destinations. But that also makes Australian meat products a target for counterfeiters.

While strong on-the-hoof prices to Australian farmers for the past couple of years have led to increasing livestock numbers, processors still face several challenges, including:

  • Business sustainability: remaining competitive in the face of slim margins
  • Increased competition: from progressively sophisticated competing countries, meat alternatives and plant-based meat substitutes
  • Supply chain traceability: to prove provenance both domestically and in export markets to combat counterfeiting

What’s at foodpro to help your business?

Taking advantage of technology in the boning and packing is an excellent way for processors to improve productivity in this low-margin industry.

State-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment and solutions, can help meat processors to maintain productivity and remain competitive; while using the latest developments in ingredients will also contribute to meat products that consumers demand. Products that are convenient, simply packaged, are easy to cook and of restaurant quality.

Technology is also the answer to supply chain traceability, to protect the processor and, ultimately, the consumer.

Foodpro will showcase the latest in cutting-edge meat processing, packaging, QC and testing equipment, ingredients, coding and traceability solutions. See here for a full list of exhibitors.

To meet the demand for information on supply chain traceability, foodpro has created a new precinct called the “Supply Chain Integrity Zone”. This will showcase traceability solutions — especially for smaller manufacturers.

Foodpro will also run a series of Supply Chain Integrity Seminars covering traceability issues, such as electronic data interchange management, measuring and tracing allergens, barcoding, the regulations around organics and packaging. Find out more.

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