Martor Australia | Why the tools we use are a crucial aspect of injury prevention

May 19, 2021

Safety is a vital part of our industry, and when it comes to workplace safety, employers generally think only of personal protective equipment (PPE). But what about the tools we are using themselves?

According to Safe Work Australia, workplace hand and wrist injuries are the second most common injury type in Australia, accounting for 16,800 claims in 2019 alone.

But the good news is, these common injuries are highly preventable. With the right safety tools and steps to actively prevent injury, employers can create a safer and more productive workplace.

Find out how you can tools can complement your existing injury prevention plan:

Prevention is key:

No workplace would want employees to work without the necessary safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, or boots, and using safe tools is just as important.

While personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial, it should just be one aspect of building a comprehensive accident prevention plan. According to Worksafe Victoria, a complete plan should involve the following elements to ensure a safe workplace.

  1. Ensure employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing.

  2. Use ergonomically designed tools that are lightweight and fitted with safety measures.

  3. Use rotation and variation to prevent repetitive work that can lead to tendonitis.

  4. Wear puncture and vibration-resistant gloves.

More than ever, employees need an environment that they can feel safe to do their tasks and going beyond basic PPE is the best way to facilitate this. By taking these four steps, your workers will feel protected and productive, which is a win-win for all!

The right tools for the job:

So how do you find the right tools for the job? Worksafe Victoria recommends that employees adopt tools that are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and fitted with all the necessary safety guards.

From warehouses to office settings and construction sites, using sharp tools is an unavoidable part of the job. That is why it’s so important to choose tools that not only get the job done but keep your staff safe in the process.

Basic tools can significantly increase the risk of workplace accidents. For example, with a blunt box-cutter, workers will need to use more force, increasing the chance of slips and lacerations. And on the other side, using sharp box cutters without proper safety measures have the potential to seriously injure the user.


The solution? Equip your workers with ergonomically designed tools that support them to do their best work. MARTOR use advanced safety technology to produce a range of concealed blade knives, automatic and fully automatic box cutters, all ergonomically designed, lightweight and complete with the essential safety features.

When you use these safety knives in conjunction with personal protective equipment, you can have peace of mind that your workers are safe.

Boosting Productivity:

Apart from keeping your staff safe and morale high, active injury prevention has a tangible impact on your productivity and profit.

In 2018, the median workplace injury compensation paid to employees was $11,300, a significant dent in the pocket of employers. Employees also face the impact of missing work, income plus it can dampen the morale of a team environment.

Many of their clients have seen a reduction in workplace injuries as a result of implementing the MARTOR safety knives and box cutters in their workplace. For example, MARTOR were able to help an international furniture chain reduce cut injuries by 70% in just two years. Using safety knives was a simple way to boost their business and the wellbeing of the team. By avoiding just one accident, everyone gains.

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