Customised weighing and packing solutions for meat and poultry

Feb 7, 2017

Cabinplant designs unique weighing and packing solutions to help you keep up with market trends and meet the growing demand for new products and packing requirements, such as packing to fixed weight.

Cabinplant’s patented screw-feeding  multihead weigher was initially developed in response to a customer request for help with a specific new-product processing and weighing challenge.

Proven performance

Distributed by Food Processing Equipment in Australia, Cabinplant’s multihead weighers are designed to meet the increasing demand of precision and speed during the weighing process.

Cabinplant believes in solving complicated portion weighing tasks through the simplest possible solutions. In addition, the solutions result in reduced giveaway and increased capacity. The multihead weighers can be used for a variety of products including fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit, bakery, dairy food, poultry, meat, pet food and non-food.

Different product contact surfaces on the weigher ensure an unproblematic flow throughout the weighing process, whether the product is fresh, frozen, dry, sticky or fragile.

The screw feeding multihead weigher has been granted several patents for it’s unique way of handling difficult products (fragile, wet, sticky etc.). The screw feeding multihead weigher has quickly gained a foothold in the meat and fish industries.

Sensor gates

The sensor gates are designed for accurate weighing of few-piece portions (e.g. 450 g chicken breast, 3 pieces in a tray). The sensor gates ensure optimum feeding to each assembling pan – i.e. feeding of only one piece of product into each pan, thus obtaining the highest possible number of combinations and the highest degree of accuracy.

With its new technology, the multihead weigher is the only weigher on the market capable of accurately weighing few-piece portions.

For more information visit the Cabinplant website.

The Multihead weigher is distributed by Food Processing Equipment, and will be exhibiting at foodpro 2017.

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