HM Systems Linerfree Labeller

Apr 3, 2017

Linerfree is a unique print and apply labelling system that eliminates the waste associated with traditional die cut type print and apply labelling. The labels are a continuous roll which is printed and then cut to length by the labeller.

This means waste is eliminated, label sizes can be varied from product to product and 100% of the label roll is usable material.

Mechanically the labeller is much less complex than a traditional die cut labeller. Absent is the mechanics required to strip off and rewind backing liner waste. As a result the linerfree labeller is more compact and easier to maintain

The linerfree label is a direct thermal material that does not require a printing ribbon. It is available in multiple widths and Visy offer variants for both ambient and cold temperature application.

Visy offers the linerfree system in three variants currently.  Carton labelling is addressed as a single sided label or wrap around two side labelling. In addition, we offer a unique Linerfree Pallet labeller for the print and apply of SSCC labels to pallets of finished goods.

Operator control of the Linerfree print and apply labeller is provided via Visy range of software solutions. Most popular is the Nexus (PCM) which is Package Code Management software. Developed in house by Visy Nexus manages the label data, label design and operator interface for labeller control.

All Linerfree labelling systems and Nexus can be viewed at the Visy Technology System Stand A12 on Level 4 at foodpro.

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