Jan 18, 2017

New Platformer Technology Winner of the Innovation award category: Machines, systems, equipment, flexibility, safety and intelligence for products and people at the Paris 2016 Innovation Awards

G.Mondini’s engineers have developed a revolutionary Thermoforming concept combined with G.Mondini’s Platform technology, this new technology is called Platformer it will change the approach of the food industry to packaging.

Today’s packaging line world is divided into either thermoforming or tray sealing lines, the first producing value packs, the second higher quality packs with greater flexibility.

Platformer is the missing link.

Combining the Mondini Trave with the Mondini Platformer, your packaging line becomes what could be defined as a thermosealer, giving the best of both worlds. Free to switch between thermoformed in-line trays and a reel or premade trays at any moment in time during production, according to the needs of your business.

The new Platformer technology is the missing link in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and the Skin Packaging of meat, seafood and poultry products. The Platformer gives food processors the ability to change between MAP, skin, fibre form premade trays or thermoformed Mono PET, sealed with (MAP) with a Zero Meno skin.

Tangible Advantages:

Trave and Platformer combined together delivers the ultimate packaging line driving down the cost and extending pack tiering.

  • Base tray waste of just 1%.
  • Simple, fast tray format change over.
  • In-line, on-demand feeding.
  • Quick reel change over.
  • Whether using trays made in line or pre-made, the line is designed in such a way that the product can be filled either automatically or using skilled staff.

This new technology revolutionises the concept of tray forming giving meat, seafood and poultry processors the ability to switch between thermoformed in-line trays from a reel or premade trays any time during production, reducing scrap to 1% with a change over time of less than 10 minutes, at the fraction of the cost of s standard thermoformer.

The Platformer will be on display at the Select Equip Stand at foodpro.

About Select Equip

Select Equip is an Australian owned company with over 30 years of experience is the exclusive distributor of internationally renowned manufacturers of food packaging technology. Retailers and consumers demands are evolving and changing in how food is presented and packaged, Select Equip provides food processors innovative, cost effective, automated technology. Visit the Select Equip website.

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