CoolSafe Piping and Fitting System

Jun 16, 2017

For food production facilities in commercial buildings, insulated piping systems can be difficult to install and are not always visually appealing.

Fusion’s CoolSafe is a pre-insulation double containment piping and fitting system specifically designed to optimise the entire secondary cooling cycle by reducing energy and installation costs. Aesthetically, the system looks great and is perfect for mixed consumer/production spaces such as breweries and wineries.


Cost Saving – Fast and Safe Installation – Excellent Thermal Insulation – Looks Great

CoolSafe is easy to install in tight spaces due to its low weight and reduced outside diameter, and is 30% less weight compared to metallic piping systems. Made from high grade PE 100, installation is quicker as no hot works or lagging is necessary. CoolSafe is UV and corrosion resistant, so no incrustations and no condensation.

Costs are saved through the system’s innovative installation procedure whereby conventional butt or electrofusion welding techniques can simultaneously weld both the inner and outer pipe, quickly and safely forming a reliable, leak proof system.

Visit Fusion at Stand Y29 on Level 1 at foodpro to find out more about CoolSafe, or view their website:

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