Dry Ice Blasting

May 29, 2017

Companies operating in the food industry have to prioritise cleanliness in order to maintain a credible reputation. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment and production areas needs to be factored into the production cycle.

Unfortunately, traditional cleaning methods can be labour intensive, requiring production downtime for washing, scrubbing, steaming and drying. Often this involves harsh chemicals that can cause equipment corrosion over time.

How it works

INTELblast Dry Ice Blasting is an ideal method for cleaning food processing equipment and production areas. Dry Ice Blasting is a non-abrasive, completely dry method that uses food grade dry ice pellets for cleaning purposes, without leaving behind harmful secondary waste. The pellet “Sublimate” (vapourise) upon contact with the contaminated surface and the extreme cold temperature causes a micro-thermal shock that breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate. The process is much faster than conventional cleaning methods, requiring minimal production downtime.

What can it do

INTELblast Dry Ice Blasting equipment is effective on the full range of food processing equipment and surfaces – including industrial ovens, wafer oven plates, basking molds, ovens and waffle irons, air conveyor systems, conveyor belts, mixers, adhesives used in packaging, meat slicers, preparation surfaces, food processing machines, filters and fryers.

The INTELblast Dry Ice Blasing Equipment range is distributed by AKA Cleaning Machines. Visit the expert team on Stand P51 on Level 4 to find out more.

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