Spend Less Time Cleaning and More Time on Production

Jul 19, 2017

Ideal for use in bakeries, dairies, food and beverages processing facilities, the Klarion™ Cleaning and Sanitising System uses electro-chemical activation technology to produce a powerful and safe cleaner and sanitiser using 3 simple components; high purity salt, water and electricity.

The compact system is installed at your site and produces the cleaning solutions on demand in ready to use concentrations. This eliminates the need to store excess amounts of cleaning liquid which is useful for plants that might not have extra storage space.      

Besides producing a cost-effective and safe solution, the health and safety of workers is improved as the solutions are fragrance-free and non-irritating. Workers suffering from health problems related to the exposure of concentrated toxic chemicals are eliminated. They also don’t have to wear protective gear when cleaning as the Klarion cleaner is safe and there is no risk of chemical burns.

The solutions produced are just as effective as traditional cleaning chemicals but are better for the environment as they are drain and disposal safe. The Klarion sanitiser is as effective as twice the concentration of bleach – 200 ppm of Klarion sanitiser does the work of 400 ppm of bleach. 

The maintenance of the system is simple – just a quick daily check of cleaner and sanitiser pH levels and the salt level in the brine tank.

Spraying Systems Co exhibited at foodpro 2017. For more information about Klarion and other cleaning products, visit www.spray.com.au/markets_and_applications/food.aspx

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