Australian Built Pasteurisers

Jun 1, 2017

Recognising the upheaval in the milk industry in recent years, Stainless Tank & Mix (Stand W39 Level 1) has introduced complete solutions to visionary individuals or companies. These solutions include batch or continuous pasteuriser’s built in their Sydney workshop.

These pasteuriser’s comply with all government regulations as well as;

  • Utilise all the latest technology in efficiency so as to reduce energy usage;
  • Feature easy to use Touch screen controllers that are capable of storing multiple recipes which are adjustable if required;
  • Feature paperless Data logging that can simply be loaded on a thumb-drive or SD card;
  • Focused consideration is given to ease of operation of the equipment, cleaning and maintenance;
  • Are available in a range of sizes – usually from 100 to 1,000 litres, but any size can be accommodated;
  • Each unit is made as compact as possible without compromising the ease of operation or maintenance.

Stainless Tank & Mix have also developed a complete mobile milk processing system which can process raw milk through to bottling. This mobile skid will allow a farmer to process all the milk produced on their farm as well as providing the opportunity to provide a service to other local farmers so as to reduce the overheads on the equipment. Stainless Tank & Mix also offer all manner of options such as homogenizing, separating for cream / skim milk and spray drying for the production of powdered milk. Full security monitoring can be included to validate the purity of the process to a concerned customer as well as full data logging of all critical temperatures, times and operational function

Stainless Tank & Mix have been custom building stainless steel equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries for more than 40 years, but now in order to better serve the market, they continue to develop a range of solution based equipment. Other equipment includes mix stations and CIP stations.

Find out more about Stainless Tank & Mix’s product range at Stand W39 on Level 1 at foodpro 2017.

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