Into the future with plant-based products

Jun 28, 2021

The desire for alternatives to meat and dairy-free products is growing exponentially. However, many people still want to enjoy simple/standard pleasures - like a burger.

The burger is an excellent example that a diet without animal ingredients is not only possible but is delicious too. Whether it’s the ‘meat’ patty, cheese, mayonnaise or sauces, everything can be made free of animal products with Gold Peg’s innovative food processing solutions.

The numbers speak for themselves

According to the latest research from PLAY Market Research (PLAY MR), 37% of Australians are actively reducing their meat consumption, while 10% are dedicated vegans or vegetarians. Furthermore, a Google Trends analysis has Australia with the second-highest popularity globally for the vegan diet in 2020, behind the United Kingdom.

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A global movement

As Dave Kelsey, vice president of US-based Holmen Cheese, says, plant-based foods are not a fad; they are a movement. “I think plant-based foods are going hand-in-hand with society. Consumers are looking for – and moving to – foods with sustainability and are being driven towards a healthier lifestyle.”

French cheese giant Groupe Bel – home to The Laughing Cow and Boursin brands – obviously agree, recently announcing that they will place plant alternatives at the centre of the company’s future. Hochland Group, one of the largest cheese manufacturers in Europe and the parent company of Gold Peg (and its pivotal partner Hochland Natec who form the Natec Network), have also taken the step to diversify into dairy-free products.

These major companies are leading the way in the world of cheese!

Plant-based and vegan

How Gold Peg can help you

Natec Network and Gold Peg have been developing cutting-edge food technology to help customers be at the forefront of plant-based food production. Their diverse and innovative cooking machines offer solutions to food manufacturing companies worldwide for production rates from 100 kg/h up to 10,000+ kg/h.

Gold Peg has over 30 unique systems that feature a wide variety of flexible and controllable processing abilities to suit every requirement. Plant-based products, including vegetable puree, fruit puree, baby foods, pasta sauces, cheese without dairy, dressings, mayonnaise and more, can be made with their batch and continuous cooking equipment.

Gold Peg offerings

Explore the possibilities

For food manufacturers, entering into the manufacturing of plant-based products is a chance to develop your existing market potential. Whether you are new to food production or wish to expand your product offering, everyone can join the global club of leading food producers with Gold Peg’s pioneering cooking solutions, designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Come and visit the team at stand D1 so they can support your plant-based food project with full service manufacturing solutions tailored to your business. Register free foodpro online here.
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