Mainca PR-360 Twist Linker

Jul 7, 2017

The Mainca PR-360 twist linker connects to a hydraulic sausage filler, portioning and twisting the casing to create sausages automatically. All that is required by the operator is basic knowledge of the machine’s functions (controlled by a touchscreen panel) and to hold the sausage while the machine ‘links’ by twisting the casing.

The PR-360 is for butchers and small-medium processors who want to begin automating their sausage-making process, and who cannot afford to invest or do not require a vacuum filler.

  • At this time only vacuum fillers are available with in-built twist-linking devices, and vacuum fillers come at a much greater cost than a regular hydraulic filler, not to mention space requirements.
  • The PR-360 is an intermediate option for a busy butcher looking into automation. It allows the butcher to keep their old hydraulic filler, delivers automation and higher production capabilities, and comes at a fraction of the cost and space required for a vacuum filler.
  • Being a semi-automatic process, the twist-linker allows better portion control and conformity of sausages than if they were done by the traditional extrude and hand-tie method.

Watch the PR-360 in action

Is the PR-360 an improvement on earlier models?

Originally, Branco Sales had released an earlier model of the machine (PR-250) and promoted it aggressively, but were unaware of the fact the machine could only connect to European fillers. Many butchers expressed interest, but as soon as they said they had a Hall or Thompson filler (very popular Australian manufacturers) which were naturally the vast majority, they had to turn them away.

  • Mainca have now spent time developing different nuts that accommodate the Australian fillers, and now this machine will attach to Hall and Thompson fillers.
  • In addition to this, the machine has greatly improved the variability of production settings, with no limits (besides what is physically impractical) on sausage length, weight, number of twists and nozzle speed.
  • Also, improvements to the flow of meat by making the tubing straighter with nearly zero bends has resulted in less smearing of meat and better presentation.

Machine Capabilities:

  • Approx. 1 portion per second, 360 sausages/hr at 70g/sausage (250kg produce/hr)
  • Suitable for all grades of minced meat, both fine emulsions and coarse product
  • Works with natural, collagen, polyamide and cellulose casings
  • No limits on portion size (from 15g upwards)
  • No limits on nozzle twisting speed
  • No limits on number of twists

Technical Specifications:

  • Complies with EC regulations
  • Single-phase 230V 50Hz
  • Constructed in stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Dimensions (unit only, without nozzles attached): 442 W x 574 L x 1470 H mm

Find out more about the PR-360 or Visit Barnco sales at Stand A36 Level 4 at foodpro.

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