New Dual-Blade Portioning System

Jun 19, 2017

This latest portioning system from JBT is built on 30 years of DSI portioning, software, motion control, service and applications experience. It means food processing companies have yet another way to improve profitability and achieve the lowest cost per kilo of portioned meat product.

The DSI™ Dual-Blade DB20 Portioning System is a low maintenance DSI blade appropriate for a wide range of linear portioning applications, including poultry tenders, breast and leg meat into strips, nuggets, steaks and shots. This new system is constantly accurate, and easy to clean and operate.

The system delivers high capacity linear portioning combined with low maintenance effort and New DSI BladeSense™ software continuously monitors blade motor feedback and identifies opportunities to improve cutting performance.

The DSI DB20 system delivers superior scanning with a single, high-performance sensor that continuously self-calibrates, while detecting product shape as well as fat vs. lean. The dual-lane system can run a separate application on each lane and weight-controlled or dimensionally controlled portions, strips or nuggets can be combined with angled cuts.

All JBT products can be stand-alone or integrated to form complete in-line food processing operations. Visit JBT at Stand J22 on Level 4 at foodpro or find out more on their website:

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