Session Information

26-Jul, 10:00 - 13:00

Navigating the Food Regulation Maze Workshop

Insights Forum - AIFST

Food regulation can be confusing. Do you ever ask yourself "How do I know if the ingredients I want to use in my new product are approved and safe?"
Or what about... "How do I know what I can or can’t say about my product?"
This workshop is designed to help your business collect and manage the information needed to assist with regulatory compliance.
The workshop will cover:
• Overview of the food regulation system in Australia and New Zealand
• Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
• Mandatory labelling requirements under the ANZ Food Standards Code
• Uniform Trade Measurement Legislation
• Practical exercise looking at assessing a label
Whether you are entering the food industry or just trialling new products, learn more about the regulations that can protect your products and your consumers.

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