Sensory Experience

The sensory experience provided a unique experience for exhibitors to share new product offerings and for visitors to explore what's new on the market. Ignited their senses with a delicious matrix of new tastes, flavors, colors, and experiences that left them feeling ready to bring new product ideas to life!

23 - 26 July 2023
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
10AM - 5PM

Kerry’s Beverage Bar

Our visitors learned about Kerry’s expertise in taste, proactive health, food protection, and preservation at their Beverage Bar as part of the Sensory Experience. Kerry helped support customers in creating healthier, tastier, and more sustainable products through their integrated portfolio of taste and nutrition solutions. The team was on hand to discuss beverage innovation, offering samples of four great tasting beverage concepts: An Orange & Ginger Immunity Booster Shot, Vegan Protein Punch, refreshing Lemon Fruit Splash, and a Cherrywood Smoke Margarita Mocktail.

The Insights PLAYhouse

Our visitors experienced innovation insights from PLAY Innovation at the Insights PLAYhouse. It was their chance to take the weight off their feet while they sat back and sampled a short course on consumer-led innovation.

They were able to discover who on their team held back their innovation efforts and whose voice was essential to a first-class innovation program. And not just any innovation program — an innovation program tailored for FMCG by specialists. Then they stepped into the PLAYhouse for a brisk (and virtual) stroll through the four phases of successful FMCG innovation. Their tour guides were experts, and they left refreshed but invigorated.

Monash Virtual Reality Experience

Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub provided visitors with a Virtual Reality experience of a food processing plant and manufacturing production and packaging line using advanced robotics and smart membrane technology. Through Digital Twin technology, the MSMH allowed virtual commissioning and optimization of all manufacturing production and processes.

Visitors were also able to access AR technology to view various innovative food products that Monash had helped to research and develop. Monash Food Innovation demonstrated a virtual reality experience of the retail environment that was used for consumer research studies to assist SMEs and multi-nationals in derisking front-end innovation and new product development (NPD).

Ingredients Tasting Zone

At the Ingredients Tasting Zone, part of the Sensory Experience, attendees had the opportunity to sample finished products containing delicious flavors and functional ingredients from three foodpro suppliers. From sustainable chocolate to high-fiber cookies, they dropped by to taste products from Belcolade (DKSH), Carmi Flavors, and the Health Ingredients Co.

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