Traceability and Provenance Zone

Sponsored by Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL), this Zone will present businesses across the whole of the supply chain and allow food and beverage manufacturers and producers to discuss end to end solutions.

23 - 26 July 2023
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

About the Zone

Security in the supply chain is vital to food producers and manufacturers who want to guarantee that their processes and end products are genuine. Traceability is both a necessity and opportunity for the industry to support consumers, food safety and commercial security. With traceability technology expanding rapidly, options for small operators to underpin food safety and map a products’ journey are growing, but access to new solutions remains a challenge. The provenance of a product is also critical for brand reputation and to ensure consumers can be confidence about what is stated on the label.

The Traceability and Provenance Zone will focus on solutions that are available now for small manufacturers who provide produce, ingredients, or pre-packaged goods for sale, to foodpro visitors. The Zone will present companies across the whole of the supply chain and allow manufacturers and producers to discuss an end to end solution.

In the Zone:

  • Materials Integrity management
  • On-pack traceability
  • Packaging Integrity & anti-fraud
  • Shipping & Receivals traceability
  • Quality Management Solutions for Traceability
  • Testing methods for certification of product authenticity or origin
  • Traceability software

About FIAL

foodpro is proud to have the Zone sponsored by Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) who support bringing solutions to businesses and building capability for the sector. Suppliers that meet the criteria are invited to apply for inclusion, and if successful, will receive a subsidy of up to 50% on the full cost of participation in the Zone.

FIAL was established to foster commercially driven collaboration and innovation in the Australian food and agribusiness industry. FIAL is industry led and takes a collective approach to ensure productivity, profitability and resilience in our food and agribusiness sector. FIAL works with all industry stakeholders across the food and agribusiness sector by sharing knowledge, building capability and creating connections in order to increase the share of Australian food in the global market place.

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