Frozen Food Industry

The challenges

Frozen foods have grown in popularity as consumers have become busier and look for quick, convenient meals, meal additions and snacks. Just some challenges the industry faces, include:

  • Perception of lower nutritional value: a belief persists that frozen food is less nutritious than fresh food, having lost some value in the freezing process
  • Out-dated ingredients: frozen foods must align with consumer trends towards frozen meals and snacks that use healthy, on-trend ingredients, that contribute to the flavour and texture profile and meet consumers’ healthy-eating needs; ingredients have to retain integrity during both the freezing (manufacture) and heating (at-home preparation) processes
  • Out-dated freezing technologies: that don’t give foods the best opportunity to maintain integrity in manufacture and at-home preparation
  • Changing dietary trends: such as clean eating and Paleo, which mean manufacturers must continue developing new products
  • Labelling: awareness of country-of-origin changes along with altered “Australian Made” usage rights and the rise of clean labelling (with fewer “numbers” and more “real food” on the label)

Consumer demand for frozen food has waned in the middle of this decade, yet the opportunities for frozen-food processors who respond to consumer interest is strong. For instance, as part of a general trend in eschewing overly processed foods, consumers have turned to organics; so frozen-food processors who align their products to “better-for-you” meals that are portion controlled and offer the convenience of re-heating a frozen meal are having good cut through. In a crowded segment, the opportunity also exists for re-branding and better positioning.

What’s at foodpro to help your business?

The latest in new freezing technologies, combined with ingredients that provide good taste, texture, appearance and nutrition, are vital for processors of frozen foods. foodpro has all these answers for frozen-food manufacturers, with cutting-edge exhibitors in:

  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Materials handling and conveyor systems
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Fluid control
  • Sealing and packaging machinery
  • Coding and labelling solutions
  • Inspection and detection systems
  • Pumps
  • Plant equipment, design and construction
  • Plant fit out
  • Education and association new

See here for a full list of exhibitors.


Learn More

Full knowledge of supply chain activity is imperative in frozen foods. In response to this demand for knowledge, foodpro will also run a series of Supply Chain Integrity Seminars exploring the future of food manufacturing, what’s next in retail supply chain technology, future personalised nutrition, the sustainable value chain of the future and more. Find out more.

foodpro will also host a series of free education sessions on other topical industry issues such as best practices, traceability and sustainability, including case studies and demonstrations. View the full timetable.

Co-Locating Conference

The co-located 50th AIFST Annual Convention offers frozen food manufacturers the opportunity to get the latest insights into food science and technology. This year’s theme is “The Future of Food”. Make sure you’re there to ensure the future of your business isn’t frozen in yesterday.

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