G-3 High-Speed Labeller

Apr 4, 2017

JBT announced a strategic partnership with Laser Food in November 2014, giving them exclusive rights on a global scale to sell their laser labeling technology. The partnership propels JBT to the forefront of a new and exciting field in food labelling.

The G-3 high-speed labeller leads the way in JBT’s labeling product line. Designed for singulated produce traveling underneath its label applicator heads, the G-3 Labeller achieves high speeds with reliable label application.

Patented Technology

Featuring JBT’s patented drive technology, electrically-controlled independent motors and enhanced PC-based technology, each labeling head can accommodate up to 8 bellows for faster application rates. The G-3 is capable of applying 720+ labels per minute from each application head with a 95% hit rate, all without bruising or scarring even the most sensitive produce.

JBT Laser Labelling for fresh produce

Laser Food’s highly innovative laser labeling technology is an excellent alternative to traditional produce labeling for fresh produce. The LMS2 Laser Labeler is cost-effective, eco-friendly and can be integrated into existing processing lines.

Customizable, on-the-spot graphic capabilities allow for quick artwork changes and exceptional marketing to differentiate produce from the competition in the retail environment.


Find out how JBT can optimise your company’s label processing.


About John Bean Technology (JBT)

John Bean Technology (JBT) developed Flavorseal® in the 1930s , the world’s first commercial coatings for fresh produce. In 2008, the introduced the Bin Scrubber System™, setting a new industry standard for bin cleaning and sanitation. Over the past 80+ years JBT has demonstrated their ability to be innovators and pioneers in the fresh produce industry.

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