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Processing Equipment

Enhancing Packaging Efficiency and Reliability with MOSCA Strapping Solutions

By Brenda Porter-Smith, MOSCA Marketing Manager MOSCA products have been sold throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years. The continued growth in this region lead to the founding of MOSCA Australia in early 2003. The subsidiary is a key supplier to several large multinational, medium and small organisations within various industries including newsprint, corrugated […]

Contech Engineering – Providing high-quality food manufacturing solutions

As an expert manufacturer in the food industry, Contech provides high-quality solutions to companies worldwide. Priding themselves on their commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer service. They have offices across the major cities in Australia, while manufacturing is at the head office in Melbourne, they also have sales offices in UK and Thailand, with […]

Magnetic solutions for reducing equipment contamination

By Eric Confer, Market Manager—Eriez® Light Industry Team  In the food industry, ferrous metal contamination can damage process equipment and create an impure product that must be scrapped. This metallic contamination may come from a variety of sources; incoming products sometimes contain contaminants from the transportation vessel used to deliver the product, such as a […]

Into the future with plant-based products

The burger is an excellent example that a diet without animal ingredients is not only possible but is delicious too. Whether it’s the ‘meat’ patty, cheese, mayonnaise or sauces, everything can be made free of animal products with Gold Peg’s innovative food processing solutions. The numbers speak for themselves According to the latest research from […]

Innovative Technology Right Here, Right Now

Innovative for you At Gold Peg, the team are passionate about innovation. Their purpose is to match their innovative food processing equipment to customers’ needs, so they are always at the forefront of food technology. They are here to tell you that your food manufacturing business will grow exponentially with Gold Peg’s cutting-edge machinery! And […]

Motoring a manufacturing revival for the food and beverage industry

Written by Elan Anbanandam who is the Automation Product Manager at ANCA Motion ANCA Motion’s innovative technology will be demonstrated at foodpro Food and beverage is an important part of manufacturing, itself an important sector in rebuilding the Australian economy post-pandemic1. Food is the biggest part of the local manufacturing industry. 35 of the top […]

Dynavac Food Freeze Dryers

Today’s consumer values have led consumers to demand maximum nutrition from high-quality food sources. The Freeze-drying process was developed by NASA in the 1960s to preserve the full nutritional value, colour, shape, taste, and aroma of the original raw food and to produce light-weight food packs with indefinite shelf life. The Freeze-drying process maintains 100% […]

Sustainable Food Manufacturing: Working to a Greener Future

The topic of sustainability has become even more important with the increasing effects of climate change. All industries and their businesses are implementing practices to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. But what exactly does sustainability mean and look like for the food manufacturing industry?

Food Safety in 2020

The pandemic has no doubt changed the way we live and do things, taking personal hygiene, and hygiene in general, to a whole new level.

The Australian – Japanese partnership behind our favourite foods

Apr 2, 2020 Plant Equipment

Shaughan Syme first learned about the Japanese brand Rheon, which makes food-processing machines, while he was working for equipment supplier Ross Industries in the late 1980s. “Almost immediately, I fell in love with the quality of the Rheon machines,” says Syme. “They just plugged in and worked straight out of the box.” Syme was new […]

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