25-28 Jul 2021
Sydney Showground

Processing Equipment

Sustainable Food Manufacturing: Working to a Greener Future

The topic of sustainability has become even more important with the increasing effects of climate change. All industries and their businesses are implementing practices to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. But what exactly does sustainability mean and look like for the food manufacturing industry?

Food Safety in 2020

The pandemic has no doubt changed the way we live and do things, taking personal hygiene, and hygiene in general, to a whole new level.

The Australian – Japanese partnership behind our favourite foods

Apr 2, 2020 Plant Equipment

Shaughan Syme first learned about the Japanese brand Rheon, which makes food-processing machines, while he was working for equipment supplier Ross Industries in the late 1980s. “Almost immediately, I fell in love with the quality of the Rheon machines,” says Syme. “They just plugged in and worked straight out of the box.” Syme was new […]

A Process to Bring you Better Bacon

Unitherm Food Systems recently received a patent for its process for producing pre-cooked bacon slices in a spiral oven. The process uses superheated steam in an air-free environment to make bacon in an industrial food processing facility that’s just as delicious as bacon pan-fried at home. The patent was filed in February 2012 and granted […]

Flexco Novitool® Aero® Splice Press

The Novitool® Aero® Splice Press from Flexco now features state-of-the-art technology and the exclusive Aero Recipe Management Tool for producing consistent, high-quality endless splices. The brand new Generation 3 press is easier than ever to operate, producing endless splices in a fraction of the time of water cooled presses. The press has been updated with […]

Embracing the Circular Economy is Key to Waste Management

At a time when public awareness of waste and recycling is on the rise thanks to initiatives such as the ABC’s War on Waste, the food-processing sector can justifiably claim to have been among the first to get its house in order and embrace the principles of the circular economy and waste management. Data collected […]

Mainca PR-360 Twist Linker

The Mainca PR-360 twist linker connects to a hydraulic sausage filler, portioning and twisting the casing to create sausages automatically. All that is required by the operator is basic knowledge of the machine’s functions (controlled by a touchscreen panel) and to hold the sausage while the machine ‘links’ by twisting the casing. The PR-360 is […]

Xtreme Metal Detector

The art of metal detection strikes a balance between absolute detection of all metal contaminants and elimination of false signals that slow down production. Eriez’ new Xtreme Metal Detector pushes that detection/ productivity curve with the ability to detect 0.2mm spheres. This feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to […]

Digital Sorters for Australian Food Processors

Key Technology introduces its VERYX® family of digital sorters to the Australian food processing industry with the VERYX C140 on exhibit at foodpro 2017. Featuring an innovative system architecture and advanced inspection technology, VERYX sorters maximize the detection and removal of foreign material (FM) and product defects based on objects’ color, size, shape and/or structural […]

Provisur Powermax 2000 Slicer

Multivac will launch their strengthened food processing and packaging offer at Foodpro 2017. One of the products they’ll be unveiling is the Provisur Powermax 2000 slicer – a high volume slicer ideal for the slicing of smallgoods and cheese. It’s independent product feed drives and scales to adjust the feed rate of each log to maximise […]

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