Bringing World-Class Food Processing Solutions to the Poultry, Fish and Meat Industries

Jun 16, 2023

By investing in quality processing equipment, food producers can reduce waste, improve efficiency, and increase overall profitability.

From a single machine to full plants and turn-key solutions, Oestergaard Australia is a global supplier of innovative food processing solutions for the poultry, fish and meat industries across Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific.

Representing a range of quality European brands, Oestergaard specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing equipment to help your food processing plant optimise the use of resources and get the most out of your manufacturing process. Read on to learn about the range of innovative solutions Oestergaard offer that meet the unique needs of the poultry, fish and meat food processing industries.

Bringing innovative technology and cost-effective solutions to poultry processing automation.

Backed by decades of poultry industry experience, FOODMATE provides poultry processing machines that optimise yields, improve product quality, and reduce labour costs. As a one stop shop for poultry processing equipment, their innovative solutions maintain a low cost of ownership in poultry cut-up systems and deboning systems.

As the world’s first provider to introduce X-RAY technology to poultry processing machinery, no plant is too big or too small for their team to tackle!

Our know-how regarding fish weighing and sorting result in powerful, reliable systems.

Active in the food processing industry since 1983, MARELEC create major trawl control systems and other marine electronics that enable seafood producers to weigh and sort fish perfectly onshore and at sea. Robust, precise and customised to the client, their systems have been applied to fish and meat systems for many years.

High-tech portioning, weighing, grading and control systems allow industry players to optimise the efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Bringing highly specialized food processing machinery for poultry, fish and meat production.

Based in Denmark, Overbeck Staal manufactures cutting-edge food processing machinery, with a focus on salt and spice dosing machinery for the poultry, fish and meat industry. With a growing portfolio of systems on offer, their team is on a mission to supply amazing, adaptive machinery for respective markets.

Dedicated to providing top of the line products, service and support, Overbeck products add value to the food manufacturing process.

Cleaning Systems based on efficiency and cost-effective solutions.

Taking clean to a new level, UNIFORTES is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and servicing Industrial Cleaning Systems and Material Handling Systems.

Providing state of the art washers, dryers and handling systems, their team is passionate about delivering total cleaning solutions that are simple to operate, service, and maintain – all at a minimum cost. Quick to respond to market changes, their high-quality cleaning equipment uses the latest technology from modern production facilities.

Life and work at sea is rough. Which is why Carsoe works to preserve the quality and freshness of the catch, every time.

Life on board is not for everybody. With limited space and short timeframes when it comes to preserving the quality of the catch, Carsoe understands the industry’s unique challenges.

As experts in seafood processing systems, Carsoe focus on providing equipment that works, to help fishermen make the most of their catch, every time.

A machine that can process up to 2400 back pieces of poultry per hour.

iFEC has developed an innovative poultry ribs meat cutting machine which is designed to harvest the remaining back meat, increasing the amount of product poultry producers obtain from carcasses. This machine can process up to 2400 back pieces per hour and can obtain a yield of +/- 55% of harvested meat, depending on the input product.

Able to be adjusted to handle various sizes for ease and simplicity, the final product is known as a delicacy around the world. The meat is tender, tasteful and is an added value product for the poultry and snack food industry.

Although equipment needs across the poultry, fish and meat food processing industries are different, the goal remains the same – to invest in quality equipment that will reduce waste, increase yield, improve efficiency and increase overall profitability.

Oestergaard Pty Ltd Australia will be exhibiting at foodpro in Melbourne from 23-26 July. Register for free to visit their team at Stand S2 and chat about the right equipment solution for you.

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