Complete Stainless Steel Drainage Solutions

Jun 29, 2017

Established in 1916 and operating for over 100 years, MM Kembla are renowned for their piping and drainage solutions and have developed a reputation for providing the highest quality and most reliable products and service.

This experience and knowledge has been combined with European engineering to produce the highest quality 316L Kembla Stainless Steel Tube, KemPress® Stainless press fittings and KemDrain™ Stainless industrial drainage solutions.

KemDrain™ Stainless industrial floor drains and linear channels are manufactured using high quality 316L grade stainless steel, increased molybdenum content and are thoroughly cleaned, pickled and passivated to ensure optimum corrosion resistance. All products are designed to be hygienic and hydraulically efficient and provide fast and easy installation with no on-site welding required.

Kembla Stainless Steel Tube and KemPress® Stainless press fittings are optimised for combined use. High quality 316L stainless steel precision TIG welded tube and press fittings and KemPress® light weight press tools provide a faster, easier and flame free jointing system than traditional jointing methods. An extensive range of tube and fittings in sizes 15-108mm and pressures up to 4000kPa for Water, Gas & Industrial applications are available.

For more information on MM Kembla’s range of stainless steel piping and drainage solutions, visit

Visit MM Kembla at stand Q33 on Level 1 at foodpro.

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