SEE aims to inspire at foodpro 2023

Jul 11, 2023

SEE Automation. SEE Digital. SEE Packaging. SEE’s booth is set to inspire with its latest innovations that excite and delight Australia’s food supply chain.

SEE (formerly Sealed Air) supplies packaging for more than 30 billion products globally each year and as a new wave of innovation sweeps through its business, SEE continues to solve its customers’ critical packaging challenges to make our world better than we find it.

Whether you are in the market for packaging automation, digital design and connectivity, or packaging solutions, SEE’s purposeful commitment to sustainability and circularity underpins its developments. The result – better operational, environmental, and economic outcomes for our food supply chain, and that equals better brands.

No matter your material choice, packaging will leave an impact on the environment which is why packaging design is critical, particularly as we prepare for a circular future.  Packaging design has a sweet spot where packaging is optimised to deliver protection and efficiency, all while meeting our needs for circularity.  Discover SEE’s renowned CRYOVAC brand suite of latest innovations that protect fresh proteins and our planet which includes CRYOVAC brand Darfresh Mono-PET, the 2023 PIDA Gold & Silver award winner – Food Packaging Design of the Year category and Sustainability category (mono materials), and TempGuard,  the 2023 PIDA Silver Award winning solution for the Sustainability category (renewable materials), all underpinned by the sustainable packaging design principles.

From recycle-ready CRYOVAC barrier shrink bags, to materials comprising certified recycled content like Aussie made CRYOVAC brand recyclable PP pad-less barrier trays, these innovations ensure brands can confidently address their sustainable packaging goals.

But with mobile technology interwoven into our daily lives, packaging needs to do more than just protect products and our planet.  As more consumers turn to their phones and laptops, smart packaging is the gateway to amplified consumer experiences, telling consumers where and how to recycle packaging, building brand trust and brand transparency, and unlocking data that has the potential to drive sales and mitigate risks. Whether you’re a brand owner, or plant manager challenged by recurring non-conformances and quality, SEE’s latest digital packaging brand, prismiq, can help give you the step change advantage.

Perfect for Australia’s fluids market, SEE welcomes Liquibox brand sustainable packaging and filling solutions to its portfolio of brands. Whether its dairy, wine, water or syrups, packaging design for this sector can be complex – from safeguarding packaging against the fluid forces and pressure exerted across the supply chain, to optimising shelf life, yield and packaging recovery, there is lots to get right. Liquipure, the award-winning flexible packaging for beverages and liquid food, sets the new standard in sustainability and recyclability for bag-in-box packaging.

Bringing these market ready solutions to Australia’s food sector allows brands to grow, to reduce waste and to even re-invent themselves. A small idea, or adapting an old solution is often all it takes. This approach has enabled SEE, with Daisy Pool Covers, to deliver an Aussie-made innovation addressing water scarcity and water quality for Aussie farmers.

That is how together, we make our world better than we find it. Learn more about what is on show here.

SEE will be exhibiting at foodpro in Melbourne from 23-26 July. Register now to visit them at stand R2 to learn more about their innovative concepts.

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