Create a Digital Pathway to Greater Efficiency and Sustainability

Jul 13, 2023

In order to unlock the next level of process improvements, food and beverage producers need to embrace the technology revolution.

Digital transformation across the sector is critical to both its increased efficiency and sustainability, as digitalisation provides benefits throughout manufacturers’ processes, from sourcing and procurement to production and distribution. This is achieved through improvements in either the ability to collect data or the ability to analyse it effectively.

While focusing on local optimisations has brought short-term improvements to food and beverage manufacturers in the past, now many companies are finding they have exhausted their ability to improve in this manner, especially given increasing complexities and the urgent need for food and beverage makers to be sustainable. These manufacturers have now hit a wall when it comes to making their production facilities more state-of-the-art.

A digital transformation brings the benefits of almost unlimited calculation power, memory, and storage in the cloud, to achieve in-depth analysis of data that has been extracted from the supply chain and production lines. Industry benchmarks can be translated into practice involving everything from attracting and retaining necessary talent to developing and sustaining a transformative culture and employing governance and partnerships to support success.

By implementing a digital transformation, food and beverage companies can expect:

  • to simplify operations
  • deploy smarter machinery
  • attain connectivity on the production line
  • integrate the entire production process—from obtaining raw materials and building a supply chain to getting your product into the hands of the consumer.

To be sure, digital transformation is not just about technology. It is a holistic process that requires an open mindset and a well-governed change management culture. People are at the core of this process.

Being one of the leaders in sustainability and efficiency, we at Schneider Electric have helped many organisations plan and implement digital transformations. We know it can be daunting, and that it can be difficult to know where to start or what to focus on. Frequently, we hear that organisations don’t know how to implement ideas, roll out pilot programs, or overcome the resistance of their workforce to the adoption of new technologies. But these are all challenges that can be overcome to achieve immense benefits. Get it right and it will be quite the transformation!

To find out more about how Schneider Electric can help your food and beverage facility improve efficiency and sustainability, download the whitepaper via our website.

Learn more about EcoStruxure for Food & Beverage on our website.

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