foodpro 2023 Day Four Highlights

Jul 27, 2023

It was a jam-packed final day for foodpro 2023 with a multitude of key decision makers paying visits to exhibitors in these important zones.

QMS AUDITS – Showcasing a kitchen of horrors

A small Australian owned and operated business, QMS Audits offers Food Safety and ISO TrainingHACCP Audits, and Quality Assurance Consulting in ISO and Food Safety Australia-wide. The business showcased with their eye-catching Kitchen of Horrors stand which was a great talking point for visitors. The stand highlighted the non-conformances that can arise when businesses do not implement a robust food safety plan. QMS Audits say the leads generated have been of high quality and they were pleased to offer the types of solutions visitors have been looking for. With attending visitors being the target market, the business is keen to exhibit at foodpro 2026.

ONETEMP – Changing agriculture with the internet of things

Leading solution focused instrumentation product company OneTemp impressed visitors with their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as their Smart Irrigation Solution Featuring LoRaWAN. IoT has been progressively changing the face of agriculture by implementing smart technologies to help farmers automate process to reduce manual labour hours while also increasing crop yield with real time data alerts, allowing farms to respond quickly to changing environmental conditions. In recent years, the number of farmers using IoT-based systems has increased significantly. These systems typically collect data from sensors placed in fields and then transmit this information to a central database. From there, farmers can use software applications to monitor conditions and make decisions about irrigation, planting, and crop management. The result is a more efficient and effective agricultural operation.

CSIRO – Emerging precision fermentation industry 

The much-trusted Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research educated a constant stream of visitors at their stand about the emerging precision fermentation industry. CSIRO explained more about creating new complementary proteins and other food ingredients via precise fermentation, plus accelerating and scaling up Australia’s R and D expertise and facilities by tapping into expertise within CSIRO.

EMYDEX – An integrated system

A market leader specialising in developing and supplying factory floor data, capture and traceability plus production reporting, Emydex showcased for the first time at foodpro this year. Supplier of factory floor automation software systems to meat, fish and food processing companies around the globe, Australian reps explained to customers the advantages of how their systems could be integrated into existing company processes.

Speaker presentations:

The sustainability of meat presented by Patrick Hutchinson of the Australian Meat Industry Council, was a widely attended presentation at the Smart Food Lounge by Schneider Electric. Discussion topics included the workforce within meat processing, broader supply chain, processing innovation, 100 per cent raw material utilisation and logistics of getting food on the plate. Also drawing keen interest was the talk on Native and Indigenous Flavours and Scents. Dr Cheryl Taylor from CSIRO looked at how Indigenous businesses are achieving success using the tastes of Australia.

Over at the Product Innovation Lounge by Wiley, Eliza Tsun from Roquette discussed Supporting the healthy ageing market with innovative food concepts. She highlighted that today, for the first time in history, most of the world’s population has a life expectancy of over 60 and that diet can do much to support a longer life. Brandon Miller from Wiley also presented Don’t build today’s facility for tomorrow and advised that the things that really matter in a new factory are energy people and automation.

That concludes the last day of daily highlights for foodpro 2023. Thank you for joining us!

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