Kerry brings beverages to life with exciting and delicious concepts

Jun 28, 2023

Ignite the senses with exciting and delicious beverage concepts

Article by Kerry

The global beverage market has a projected growth of 3.5% CAGR, going from US$1.56 trillion in 2021 to US$1.99 trillion in 2028, according to a Research and Markets report. The potential is strong but these days, consumers are looking for more than just beverages that can quench their thirst.

To stand out from the crowd, your beverage offerings need to excite the senses through a sensorial approach. At the same time, they must evolve to meet market expectations and demands: lower sugar without sacrificing taste and texture, functional ingredients that are better for health, natural preservation to minimise waste, minimising impact to the planet.

Capture consumer interest and bring your beverages to life with these four innovative concepts you can sample at foodpro’s Sensory Experience presented by Kerry.

Kickstart the day with a burst of citrus

One in three consumers globally say their concerns about immune health have increased, post-COVID. For Australian consumers, immune health is the number one purchase driver in the food and beverage category, making it an important and relevant consideration in the category.

The Orange & Ginger Immunity Booster Shot features a fiery but juicy shot loaded with citrus and ginger goodness, perfect as a morning drink. The booster showcases Kerry’s authentic citrus flavour and local ginger extraction capabilities, fortified with Kerry’s sugar reduction Tastesense™ and immunity booster Wellmune™ technologies.

Deep dive into digestive health

In Australia, good digestive health is the third most important consideration for consumer purchase and this punch is well-positioned to meet the rising demand for food and beverage products with digestive health claims.

Power up with a concoction that’s teeming with fruity flavours while delivering digestive health and protein utilisation benefits. The Vegan Protein Punch is a refreshing protein water packed with Kerry’s protein ProDiem™ Refresh, Tastesense™, and BC30™probiotic strain technologies.

Good, clean label beverage

Invigorate and counter that mid-afternoon slump with Refreshing Lemon Fruit Splash, designed with clean label in mind. This cooler features an authentic citrus flavour and reduced sugar, backed by Kerry’s Simply Nature™, Tastesense™, and Citrapure™ technologies to lock in great taste using natural flavour while optimising clean label preservation.

Drink up to low or no alcohol beverages

End the day with a nightcap and sit back with the Cherrywood Smoked Margarita Mocktail, created to meet greater consumer demand for low/no alcohol beverages. It showcases Kerry’s Red Arrow™ smoke capabilities and Tastesense™ sensations technology. Together, these innovations replicate delicious, craveable, and aromatic smoke profiles while mimicking alcohol perception and stimulating warming, cooling, and tingling sensations.

Solving complex challenges with differentiated solutions is at Kerry’s core. With the help of Kerry’s leading consumer insights, and global research, development and acquisition teams, and over 1,100 food scientists, our goal is to transform market-leading beverage categories to satisfy consumer tastes, and create a world of sustainable nutrition.

Kerry will be exhibiting at foodpro in Melbourne from 23-26 July. Register now to visit them at stand A22 to taste and learn more about their innovative and delicious concepts.

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