X33 X-Ray Inspection System

Jun 24, 2017

Developed as a result of a collaboration between Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray and its customers, the X33 technology is part of the X-Series of x-ray inspection systems.

To enable food manufacturers with limited factory floor space to comply with food safety standards and reduce energy consumption, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray has designed the X33 Series, which is available in two lengths, 1800mm and 800mm. The X33 Series is engineered to help manufacturers simplify the installation on production lines while minimising footprint.

Combined with exceptional contamination detection sensitivity the X33 Series features innovative energy-saving generator, allowing manufacturers to reduce the operating power by up to 45%, reducing carbon footprint and lowering manufacturing costs. Thanks to enhanced detector technology, the X33 system uses a 20 watt x-ray generator rather than the 100 watt generator used in traditional x-ray machines, lowering energy consumption and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). This overall reduced power consumption eliminates the need for a complex cooling system, minimising the system footprint, increasing installation flexibility for manufacturers with limited factory floor space.

Capable of inspecting packaged food products for contaminants, such as glass, metal fragments, calcified bone, mineral stone and high-density plastic, the machine also simultaneously performs gross mass measurement of packaged products, minimising wasteful product giveaway and enhancing efficiency. The x-ray system is ideally suited to the inspection of small and medium sized packaged products and gives food manufacturers the market-leading product inspection technology needed to guarantee superior product safety. The system has a single vertical x-ray beam and is available in 300mm or 400mm detector widths to suit a wide range of applications.

The X33 series is available in two lengths – 800mm and 1,800mm. The 800mm system was designed in response to demand from food manufacturers with limited factory floor space. The X33 series’ 800mm comes without pre-installed guards, minimising the machine’s footprint during integration. After installation, guards can be easily constructed around the detector apertures and over existing conveyors without increasing the system’s size. The 1,800mm version incorporates a reject device, as well as guards covering the in-and out-feed conveyors, which are designed to protect operatives from the x-rays generated and ensure compliance with global safety legislations.

The X33 series will be on display at the Mettle Toledo stand, Stand D50 on Level 4 at foodpro.

For more information visit the Mettler Toledo website.

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