Easy to Clean Hygienic Drainage

Jun 23, 2017

Drainage is absolutely crucial for the safe functioning of a commercial kitchen or food processing plant, especially when 70% of positive listeria screenings in commercial kitchens and food processing plants are found in drainage! Standing water must be removed from the floor entirely to prevent slips and trips, and the spread of contaminated water.

ACO has designed a range of stainless steel linear channels to complement their existing range of hygienic floor wastes and bucket traps with rounded internal corners for easy cleaning – making cleaning much quicker and far more effective than traditionally designed stainless steel drainage channels.

ACO will be formally launching this new range of hygienic drainage products at Foodpro, which are specifically designed for commercial kitchen and food processing environments. They have given cleanability complete consideration across their range of channels, grates and accessories:

  • All products and accessories are designed for safe handling with rounded corners
  • Unique hygienic-design internal foul air trap in place of a traditional p-trap to minimise construction height
  • Channels are designed with rounded internal corners to enable full cleaning.

ACO focusses not only on the traditional collection of water, but also cleaning with a range of grease arrestors and releasing via their range of stainless steel pipes. Their range of products is used or specified by engineers, hydraulic consultants, kitchen designers, architects and asset owners.

ACO Gully Range

A range of fixed and adjustable height stainless steel floor wastes designed for use in commercial and industrial projects where hygiene, durability and performance requirements are paramount.

ACO Food Range

To prevent the contamination of harmful bacteria, a range of hygienic stainless steel channels have been designed to meet stringent industry requirements. Deep drawn bodies enable complete drainage, thereby eliminating stagnant wastewater; smells and microbial growth. Designs incorporate large radii in the channels to ensure ease of cleaning.

ACO Stainless Steel Channels

A range of versatile and cost effective linear drainage systems for where corrosion resistance, hydraulics and durability are required. Stainless steel channels are available in either level invert or sloped configurations and can incorporate corners and branches for added functionality.

ACO Pipe Systems

ACO Pipe stainless steel socketed pipe systems provides the modern metal alternative to PVC and HDPE soil and waste pipework. The range is compatible with ACO’s stainless steel channels and gullies. ACO Pipe is manufactured from grade 316 austenitic stainless steel. All products are chemically pickle passivated for optimum durability and corrosion resistance.

ACO Passavant

A range of high performance grease separators, specifically developed for hotels, restaurants and food processing areas to combat built up fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in the plumbing and sewer system. Separator bodies are available in polyethylene and stainless steel for either above ground or below ground installation.

Visit ACO Polycrete at Stand R15 on Level 1 at foodpro.

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