Jun 5, 2017

Invented and made in Australia, ChillSafe ®, is a simple to use sanitation sachet that provides the food manufacturing and hospitality industry an advanced hygiene and mould reduction technology to continuously combat two of the most common issues. The product has been modified to manage larger spaces more effectively, managing food manufacturing and refrigerated spaces, cool rooms and refrigerated transport.

Common Issues

  • Microbial growth – dangerous bacteria’s that increase pathogen risk for human consumption and decomposes fresh produce;
  • Mould growth – damaging moulds that degrade food, create OH&S risks and increase cool room and facility maintenance costs.

How it works

ChillSafe® creates a Reactive Oxygen Species Vapour that actively targets bacteria and mould, providing the end user an additional layer of protection for their manufacturing and refrigerated spaces. It continually works to improve cool room and facility hygiene by actively reducing air borne and surface based mould and bacteria, it also works to reduce spoilage bacteria and ethylene on fresh produce which helps to reduce Food Waste, a major environmental issue, by keeping fresh produce fresher for longer. low dose H2O2 ROS vapour for cool room and facility hygiene, we are an Australian start up and are only relatively small in size.

The technology is HACCP Australia and BFA Certified. It is safe to use, easy to install, small, compact and is environmentally activated. The sachets require no power and has no moving parts, and ChillSafe supports your existing HACCP or QA Programs by actively and continually treating your entire space 24/7 for 30 days.

chillsafe before and after

Award Winning

ChillSafe® is a won multiple awards including:

  • 2016 SAI Global Australian HACCP Awards Innovators In Food Safety Award
  • Winner Food Magazine Awards 2015
  • Food Safety and Innovation in Non-Food
  • Lloyd’s List Australia Highly Commended Safe Transport Award
  • Fine Food Australia Best New Hospitality Equipment Product Winner 2014

ChillSafe® is suitable for businesses in the food manufacturing or foodservice industry looking to improve cool room or facility hygiene, food safety and reduce food waste.

ChillSafe®, developed by Coolsan will be available at Stand P9 on Level 1 at foodpro 2017.

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